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Contoured Meal Plans and Apps


Patients on this program lose 1-3 pounds a week. We recommend our Fast Weight Loss Diet Meal Replacement Program if you want to lose weight faster.

This program costs only $19.95 for the e-book<. Patients on the Semaglutide and Trizepatide memberships will receive this plan e-book in an app and daily meal plans at no additional fee for more guidance.
Your insurance plan may cover weight loss counseling appointments with a dietitian nutritionist. We recommend seeing the dietitian nutritionist weekly for the first month and then monthly for more guidance on these plans.


In addition to dietitian nutrition visits, which will most likely be covered by your insurance plan and the weight loss meal planning book, you should meet with our dietitian nutritionist familiar with weight loss weekly the first month and then monthly.  We also offer nutrition testing, including metabolism testing with our top-of-the-line metabolism testing device to assess how efficiently you are burning calories and one of our body fat scanning devices.  We also offerB12 and B12/Lipo injections to assist withSemaglutide, Trizepatide, and other appetite-suppressant medications.

Free Meal Planning App for Patients on Our Weight Loss Medication Programs and/or Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan.
A high-protein weight loss system designed to support patients on our Semaglutide, Trizepatide, and other appetite suppressant medications for a fast metabolism, optimal fat loss, and lean muscle.

Daily Meal Plans

Customized Meal Plan is sent to your email inbox every day.

Progress Tracking

Easily track meals, weight, and nutrition goals.

Help & Support

Receive tips and resources from licensed Registered Dieticians.

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