Emsculpt NEO® Fat Burn & Muscle Sculpting

$1000 Off 4 Treatments*

Emsculpt NEO® | Reduce Fat + Build Muscle

The Emsculpt NEO® is the only FDA-cleared treatment to build muscle and burn stubborn fat simultaneously. Scientific studies show the new body shaping treatment tones muscle mass by 25% and decreases fat by 30%. This type of treatment results distinguishes Emsculpt NEO® as the most effective non-invasive fat reduction and muscle-building treatment available today. In addition, treatments are convenient at only 30 minutes per session. They transform the abdomen, the arms, the legs, and the buttocks. Best of all, the sessions are virtually painless and require no downtime afterward.

Learn more about Emsculpt NEO® and discover why Capitol Contours is the leading provider of Emsculpt NEO® in Alexandria, VA. Call us at 703-337-3483 to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about how treatments can build muscle and burn away stubborn fat, revealing the physique of your dreams.

Benefits of Emsculpt NEO® at Capitol Contours

  • Sculpt, slim, and strengthen your body
  • 20,000 muscle contractions to each treatment area in 30 minutes
  • Build, firm, and tone muscles more efficiently than a workout at the gym
  • Reduce stubborn fat deposits
  • Long-term, natural-looking results
  • FDA-cleared
  • Scientifically proven as safe and effective
  • Convenient 30 minute treatments

Emsculpt NEO® Before and After*

Emsculpt NEO® before and after images show why this new body shaping treatment stands apart from the rest. While results vary per patient, each individual in the before and after images exhibits impressive fat reduction and musculature improvements. The optimal outcomes on display also highly the importance of selecting a professional, licensed provider to administer treatments. Emsculpt NEO® is technique-sensitive. The more experience the provider has, the more impressive the results.

Emsculpt Neo® & Emtone before and afters*

How is Emsculpt NEO® Different from the Original Emsculpt®?

Emsculpt NEO® uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy like the original Emsculpt® . However, it combines the powerful HIFEM with Radio Frequency (RF) energy. The addition of RF energy significantly enhances the treatment’s fat-reducing effects. Moreover, the new Emsculpt NEO® is ideal for most body types with BMIs up to 35.

How Does Emsculpt NEO® Work?

During the quick 30-minute treatment, an applicator emits both HIFEM and RF energies to the target area. The Radiofrequency delivers thermal energy to the tissues. This action warms up the muscles while heating fat cells. Within minutes, the subcutaneous fat cells below the skin’s surface begin to die.

At the same time, HIFEM energy penetrates the muscle tissue stimulating powerful contractions. These super powerful contractions, known as supramaximal contractions, work the muscles far more intensely than anything you can achieve through manual exercise. Emsculpt NEO® sessions induce more than 20,000 contractions in the target muscle group by the end of the treatment. As a result, the body creates more muscle cells and enhances muscle fibers to adapt to the stress of those powerful contractions.

Afterward, the melted fat cells are collected by the lymphatic system and expelled from the body several weeks after. Once those dead cells are removed, they can never re-grow or return to the body. Thus, Emsculpt NEO® leads to long-lasting fat reduction results.

Treatment Areas

This fat burning, muscle building treatment is FDA cleared to treat 4 areas on the body. The treatment areas include:


  • The abdomen: Strengthens the abdominals, reduces belly fat, and sculpts washboard abs.
  • The arms: Enhances the triceps and biceps.
  • The legs: Firms the muscles of the upper legs and calves while thinning and toning the thighs
  • The buttocks: Offering the first, non-surgical alternative to a butt lift. Emsculpt NEO® provides a lifting effect while also toning and firming the buttocks.


The upper part of the arms is a common trouble zone for everyone. The fat gathering in this area is due to genetics, hormones, and even age. In addition, the upper arm fat tends to resist diet and exercise, making it nearly impossible to shed on your own.

Thankfully, Emsculpt NEO® provides a safe and efficient remedy. Best of all, Emsculpt NEO® is entirely non-invasive and requires no downtime after. If you are tired of struggling with jiggling upper arms or embarrassed to wear tank tops, Emsculpt NEO® can help. Treatments work the underlying muscles, improving the definition of the muscles while simultaneously eliminating the subcutaneous fat cells causing excessive arm jiggling. This revolutionary muscle-building and fat-burning technology make slim, toned, and sexy arms possible.


The abdomen or stomach is an area most people want to alter. While washboard abs and a trim waistline are the coveted features, many people genetically cannot obtain either manually. Lower belly fat is severely stubborn, especially as we age. When the metabolism drops, the belly fat becomes harder to shed and more plentiful. And even if you spend countless hours in the gym working out or eat clean daily, you may still struggle with extra belly fat.

Emsculpt NEO® provides the perfect solution for belly pooches. This treatment targets those hard to shed fat cells underneath the skin. At the same time, it works on defining, toning, and strengthening your core muscles for an altogether midsection makeover.


It is no secret that many people like bigger backsides. It is a common aesthetic trend among music artists and celebrities. However, many people want larger, lifted buttocks without the downsides of surgery. Emsculpt NEO® provides a non-surgical butt lift option for anyone wishing to avoid surgery or a complicated recovery.

With FDA clearance for using both electromagnetic (HIFEM) and radio frequency (RF) energies, Emsculpt NEO® shapes the butt, unlike any other non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Not only will it reduce the stubborn bulge of fat under the buttocks, known as the banana roll. It also firms the buttocks and adds a subtle lifting effect to the glutes without pain or downtime.


If you are someone feeling insecure about your thighs, you are not alone. In fact, several people around the world struggle with stubborn inner thigh fat and saddlebags. Before the introduction of Emsculpt NEO®, these people had little to no options available for reducing fat deposits in this area.

Emsculpt NEO® is now an excellent solution for not only reducing thigh fat but also for strengthening and toning the legs. During treatments, the RF energy heats the underlying muscles of the thighs and begins destroying the fat cells.

Moreover, Emsculpt NEO® targets the hard-to-work calves. Since the calves are the most used muscles in the body, it can be extremely difficult to tone or strengthen them. Emsculpt NEO® sessions provide an excellent way to get the strong, sexy calves you desire.

Emsculpt NEO® Results*

After the treatment, many people experience muscle soreness for a few days. The sensation felt is comparable to the soreness felt following an intense workout. However, results are possible after one body shaping treatment. Typical plans consist of 4 sessions, spaced 5 to 10 days apart.

Studies prove that Emsculpt NEO® results in physical changes. On average, individuals experienced a 25% increase in muscle and a 30% decrease in fat.

Most patients see full results within 3 months of their Emsculpt NEO® session. As with any body shaping treatment, experiences will vary.*

How Much Does Emsculpt NEO® Cost?

4 – 6 treatments are recommended for each body part, 1 week apart.
1 treatment for each body part treated each month thereafter is encouraged.

1 treatment……….$1000
4 treatments……. $3000 with ($1000 off coupon)

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$3000 for 6 treatments. $500 a month thereafter for 1 treatment/month
$500 each additional treatment

Each body shaping treatment is created to fit the circumstances and aesthetic goals of the patient. Therefore, the cost for Emsculpt NEO® varies per person, depending on the amount of treatment areas needed.

The best way to receive your personal treatment cost is by scheduling a consultation with a reputable treatment provider like Capitol Contours. We are a leading Emsculpt NEO® provider in the Alexandria area. During a consultation, our expert treatment specialists evaluate your body and listen to your aesthetic body goals. Then, if this new body shaping treatment is right for you, they create a treatment plan to fit your needs.

Why Choose Capitol Contours

Emsculpt is a skill-sensitive procedure. Therefore, patients wishing to experience this new muscle-building and fat-burning treatment should select the most reputable provider in their area. Capitol Contours is the most reputable provider of Emsculpt NEO in the area. We help each patient achieve dramatic physical changes with this new body shaping treatment.

Emsculpt NEO® Near Me

Build muscle, burn fat, and completely transform your physique with Emsculpt NEO. Discover how this treatment works by scheduling an appointment at Capitol Contours. We are a leading provider of Emsculpt NEO in Alexandria, Virginia. Call us at (703) 337-3483 to schedule your consultation or reach out to us online to learn more.


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**Results and patient experience may vary. Patients shown in the B&A pictures are within +/- 5 lbs of their original weight unless specified. As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the EMSCULPT NEO procedure is right for you. EMSCULPT NEO is intended for treatment of obesity by fat reduction through neuromuscular stimulation, radiofrequency induced liposys and increase of the blood flow.

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$1000 Off 4 Treatments*

$1000 Off 4 Treatments*

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