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TruSculpt Flex | Rapid Muscle Strengthening in Washington DC

TruSculpt Flex treatments provide a new approach to building impressive muscle mass. TruSculpt Flex targets the abs, thighs, and buttocks using multi-directional stimulation through electrical pulses. Each treatment area comprises a smaller group of muscles with special functions. The TruSculpt Flex treatment hits all those groups and achieves the deepest muscle contractions available today.

If you are tired of spending countless hours working out in the gym and seeing no noticeable improvements to your muscles, TruSculpt Flex may be the solution. This unique muscle stimulation results in a more intense workout than is manually possible. TruSculpt Flex provides a staggering 30% increase in muscle mass, on average.

Learn more about TruSculpt Flex and rapid muscle strengthening by contacting Capitol Contours today. We are the premier provider of this comprehensive treatment in the Alexandria, Virginia, area. Call us at 703-337-3483 to schedule a consultation. Discover how TruSculpt Flex can alter and improve your physique at an impressive rate.

Benefits of truSculpt flex

  •  Rapid muscle stimulation
  • Firm, tone, and strengthen muscles of the
  • abdomen, thighs, and buttocks
  • Non-invasive
  • Personalized treatments available
  • Easy, convenient muscle building sessions
  • No downtime needed

TruSculpt Flex Before and After*

The TruSculpt Flex before and after pictures show the impressive muscle-sculpting and building results possible with the comprehensive treatment. As with all cosmetic treatments, results will vary.* However, each patient achieves noticeably more toned, defined, and improved musculatures in the target area.

How does TruSculpt Flex Work?

TruSculpt flex is a revolutionary muscle-building treatment using Cutera’s proprietary multi-directional stimulation (MDS). This MDS energy provides three different treatment options by replicating intense crunches, squats, and twisting actions. It also covers the most extensive treatment area in the body sculpting industry, setting it apart from all other body sculpting treatments.

What to Expect During Treatments?

Your TruSculpt Flex experience can be tailored to fit your unique body and needs. Treatments are divided into three specific modes: Prep Mode, Tone Mode, and Sculpt Mode.

Prep Mode: This mode is like pre-workout stretches. During prep mode, you experience a twisting motion designed to warm up and stretch the muscles. This mode allows your body to build a tolerance to the muscle contractions gradually.

Tone Mode: Tone mode is similar to exercise in the way it increases and strengthens the muscle while building endurance. You experience muscle contractions felt to the point of exhaustion, then released to increase your muscle strength.

Sculpt Mode: This mode is on par with intense exercise that breaks down muscle fibers. The Sculpt Mode provides fast, deep, sequential muscle contractions, building impressive muscle mass.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The initial truSculpt treatment plan consists of four to six treatments. The frequency and rest intervals between your sessions vary from person to person, depending on their fitness level, body shape, and aesthetic goals. Rest is a critical component of treatment. Your muscles need to recover after a truSculpt session. Most professionals recommend you wait between two to five days between your treatments.

The best to learn more about truSculpt flex and receive a tailored treatment plan is by scheduling an appointment with Capitol Contours. During your visit, you can speak in-depth with a treatment specialist about this muscle-building treatment and determine what type of treatment plan fits your unique needs the best.

Does TruSculpt Flex Hurt?*

When the TruSculpt Flex machine activates, patients feel a gentle contracting sensation. As the intensity increases, so do the muscle contractions. TruSculpt Flex induces an impressive 54,000 contractions per session.

Some people may experience slight tingling at the treatment site and mild muscle soreness, but these after effects go away on their own within a few days. The soreness felt is similar to how you would feel after a strenuous gym workout. As with all body sculpting treatments, results will vary per person.*

TruSculpt Flex Results*

TruSculpt Flex’s maximum results are seen 8-12 weeks after the plan is complete. As with all body shaping treatments, results may vary.*

How is TruSculpt Flex Different From Other Body Sculpting Treatments?

TruSculpt Flex is different from any other body sculpting treatment in the industry. Many advantages prove TruSculpt Flex is the best way to achieve optimal muscle strengthening, toning, and firming.

Here are just a few ways TruSculpt Flex is superior:


  • Safer Muscle Contouring: truControl technology provides a safe treatment with consistent results by targeting, selecting, and customizing the delivery with less energy.
  • Faster: TruSculpt Flex treats up to eight areas in each 45-minute session.
  • Superior Muscle Thickness: Clinical studies show TruSculpt Flex achieves an average of a 30% increase in muscle mass.
  • No Downtime: Since TruSculpt Flex is non-invasive, no downtime is required. Patients can return to their normal daily routines after each session.
  • Customizable: This body sculpting treatment is completely tailored to fit the needs of each patient. All sessions are based on the patient’s fitness levels, body shape, and aesthetic goals.

TruSculpt Flex Cost

The cost per truSculpt session varies. Since this treatment is versatile, each patient receives a customizable plan. Schedule an appointment to receive your own and discover how much truSculpt sessions will cost you. During your consultation, you can discuss your specific body goals with a specialist. If truSculpt is right for you, they develop your treatment plan, ensuring it is at a cost you can afford.

The TRUSCULPT FLEX® protocol for each body part is at least 4 initial 15 minute sessions 2 x a week and then once a week for maintenance. 6 is ideal. Best results are seen after 8 treatments. You will continue to lose fat & tone when you maintain treatments 1 x per month. Join our medical gym membership for over 50% off treatments.


4 x 30 minute weekly treatments over 4 weeks

1 treatment = 1 body area

abs, glutes, calves, bis, tris, inner thigh, outer thigh, front thigh, back thigh

4 x 30 MINUTE TREATMENTS$3000 ($750/treatment)

The first truSculpt ID on the same body part is free.  Each additionl truSculp ID session is $1000.

$500/month includes 1 Trusculpt Flex Treatment on one body part + 10% off all other services

TruSculpt Flex Near Me

If you want to learn more about TruSculpt Flex and how it can completely alter your physique’s appearance and improve your muscle mass, tone, and strength, contact Capitol Contours. We are the leading provider of TruSculpt Flex in Alexandria, Virginia. Call us at 703-337-3483 to schedule your consultation or reach out to us online to learn more.


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**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience of our patients, however, individual results may vary.

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