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Emsculpt & Emtone before and after results at Capitol Contours in Alexandria, VA.

Emtone Before and After | Real Patient Results

Emtone before and after results show how effective this treatment is for smoothing out dimpled skin. Cellulite is a common skin condition that often compromises people’s confidence and stops them from loving their skin. Emtone helps improve this condition. It stimulates the production of collagen with advanced technology. As a result, Emtone provides healthier, smooth skin and a significant reduction in cellulite. Check out these Emtone before and after transformations and learn more about this treatment to discover if it is right for you.

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Emtone Before and After Photos*

Emtone before and after photos portray actual patients and results. As with any cosmetic treatment, Emtone results will vary*. Optimal results can be achieved through appropriate patient selection and an experienced technician performing the procedure. The best way to know if you are a good candidate for Emtone is to schedule a free consultation with a reputable medical spa.

Emtone Treatment Areas

As shown in before and after photos, no matter where it appears on the body, Emtone can help improve the appearance of cellulite. Popular treatment areas include:

  • The Upper Arms
  • The Abdomen
  • The Buttocks
  • The Legs (Upper Thighs)

How Does Emtone Work?

Emtone utilizes two technologies to treat the causes of cellulite. Combined, these technologies rejuvenate the skin to look and feel smoother and healthier. Emtone cellulite treatment uses Radiofrequency (RF) and Acoustic Energy to penetrate deep layers of the dermis. Scientific studies show that thermal heating and acoustic vibrations trigger therapeutic responses during treatment. Some of these responses include:

  • Disruption of fat cells: reducing the subcutaneous layer that bulges through the skin
  • Creation of collagen: strengthening connective tissue that supports the skin and holds the bottom layer of subcutaneous fat in place 
  • Increased circulation: stimulating the removal of metabolic waste that builds up and pushes on subcutaneous fat

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Treatment Results with Emtone

Emtone before and after photos show that this cellulite reduction treatment drastically improves and smooths dimpled skin. Many patients notice results in their skin after just one treatment. However, most patients require a series of multiple treatments (about 4 treatments) to achieve optimal results. Improvements in skin texture can be seen within weeks following the procedure. However, as with all body contouring treatments, individual experiences may vary. The best way to know how many Emtone treatments you will need is to speak with a skilled provider to create a treatment plan based on the target areas you choose and your aesthetic goals.

Emtone Before and After Transformation Near Me

Schedule a FREE consultation with Capitol Contours today if you are interested in obtaining your own Emtone before and after transformation photos. Located conveniently in Alexandria, VA, Capitol Contours is the premier provider of Emtone cellulite treatments. Men and women choose Capitol Contours for their Emtone treatments and other cosmetic procedures. Our skilled technicians can help you learn more about how Emtone works to smooth the skin and reduce cellulite. Contact Capitol Contours today to learn if Emtone is right for you by calling 703-997-7446.

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