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Tirzepatide Weight Loss Medication


Tirzepatide is a safe and effective medication approved by the FDA to help manage weight loss in adults. Studies report more pounds lost during clinical trials than other weight loss medications, even more than Semaglutide because it works by activating two hormone receptors – GLP-1, which increases insulin secretion, and GIP, which increases insulin sensitivity, resulting in more significant effects on blood glucose, appetite, and weight loss. Patients with monthly physician monitoring can stay on Tirzepatide for as long as they wish. Clinical trials show a 15% weight loss with Semaglutide and a 25% weight loss with Tirzepatide. You will receive the Tirzepatide shots on the same day as your appointment. We also offer oral appetite suppressant prescriptions in combination with Semaglutide or on its own.

All of our medications come with the option of two meal plans: a fast weight loss meal replacement program and 1100 – 2000  calorie diet meal plans designed to help you see results while optimizing your overall health and metabolism for lifelong weight loss & optional dietitian nutritionist support.


Initial weight loss medical provider appointment ………….$200 or $100 with Membership

Our medical provider will meet with you for an initial appointment, draw your blood, perform an EKG (if an appetite suppressant is prescribed), and perform an STYKU body fat scan. If you choose to start the program, you will receive the medication that day. You will also receive our meal plans and meal plan app, where you can access recipes, meal plans, and a food tracker to share with your medical provider. You can stay on Semaglutide and Tirzepatide for an unlimited amount of time.

Tirzepatide Membership……………………………………………… $850/month starting price

Other appetite suppressant add-on with Tirzepatide Membership  …….……$50/month

Each month, when you are on one of the weight loss memberships, you will continue to receive the STYKU body fat scan, medical provider visits, optional monthly B12 shots, and other benefits. See our Memberships for all of the full benefits.


Eating the right calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients for optimal health and weight loss is crucial. Our medical provider will also set you up with our meal planning and food tracking app featuring our two optional diet meal plans: a fast weight loss meal replacement program where patients lose 13-20 pounds a month and 1100 – 1700  calorie diet meal plans where patients lose 1-3 pounds a week, designed to help you see results quickly while optimizing your overall health and metabolism for lifelong weight loss & optional dietitian nutritionist support.

If you want more support or a more customized diet option, our dietitian nutritionist, who may be covered by your insurance plan, will explain our meal plan program options during meal planning visits and help you choose the best diet option for your health needs, weight goals, and lifestyle.


Your insurance plan may cover it. Although this is optional, it is recommended that you meet with our dietitian nutritionist weekly for the first month and then monthly thereafter.

To help determine the amount of calories, fat & protein you need for optimal weight loss.

Compounded versions of tirzepatide are not FDA-approved, and neither the FDA nor any global regulatory agency has reviewed these products for safety, quality, or efficacy.

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